Community Support

community support2Chobe Elephant Camp is closely linked to the community. A number of the staff were involved with the initial building of the camp, and joined the team with no previous experience in the hospitality industry. With constant skill training from our base and in the Camp we are proud to now employ over 30 people at Chobe Elephant Camp. The positive impact of having community members deriving direct benefits from tourism are already being felt as the local communities begin to realise the value of conserving the wildlife and environment. We have engaged with local schools and invite the children to the lodge to educate them on conservation and tourism as well as taking them into the national park to experience a ‘game-drive’ as our guests do. We also encourage village tours for our guests – these are authentic experiences which show our guests how people grow up and survive living amongst Africa’s wild animals and it also educates the local communities about other cultures, as they get to interact.

We believe that all the taken steps contribute to a better understanding amongst the community and the improvement of the environment as well the surrounding wilderness. Although we are aware of the fact that many more actions can be taken, we firstly want to make sure that what we do is sustainable and has long term benefits to succeed.

With all the support and awareness amongst every party involved, we are convinced to make a considerably contribution to a greener future and the responsible usage of resources 

Chobe Elephant Camp cares about their community